Makeup and Hair






February 2017                                                               May 2017 Issue : Inked Magazine

Model: Angela Mazzanti/Photographer: Mike Miller                                           key makeup and hair        

December 2016                                                               Tat2 Designs Spring 2017 look book

Designer: Briana Erin/ Photographer: Trever Hoehne/Model: Dashenka Isabella Giraldo

Key hair and makeup

November 2016                                                  Marlboro Greens Print Ad // Online Content

Producer: Jake Cassidy with Native Pictures//Photographer: Joseph Puhy//Client: Phillip Morris USA

Key hair and makeup

December 2015                                                                      John ‘JR’ Robinson press photos

Photographers: Kelsey + Zivi // Desribe the Fauna                                               Key hair and makeup

December 2015                                                   Asbury Adams Spring 2016 jewelry look book

Photographer: Cameron Postforoosh/Designer: Simone Adams                         Key hair and makeup

December 2015                                                               Tat2 Designs Spring 2016 look book

Photographer: Ben Cope                                                                              Key makeup and hair

December 2015                                                                                    Material Girl Magazine

Photographer: Kristy Benjamin/Stylist: Kira Aurelie                                     Makeup/Hair for Cat King

November 2015                                                                                             INDIE magazine

Photographer: Marlen Stahlhuth/Production and Styling: Kira Stachowitsch/Model: Ashley Feasel

Makeup: Caitlin Cassidy/Hair: Mariah Nicole Buian

October 2015                                                                             LA BETE Fall 2015 look book

Photographer: Kai Regan                                       Key makeup and hair for model, Brooke Nesbitt

July 2015                                              Cherokee “Back To School” kids clothing ad campaign

Photographer: Melissa Bring-Coulier/Producer: Kyle Bring with BRING MEDIA           key hair stylist

June 2015                                                                     Marlboro Ad Campaign/Online Content

Native Pictures                                                                   Male Grooming for the band, Adult Books

May 2015                               RYTTT Men’s Contemporary clothing line look book shoot-Fall 2015

Photographer: Mathieu Young                                                Key makeup/hair-male and female model

March 2015                                                                          Magnetic Magazine; rising female djs

Photographer: Parker Day                                                                                         Makeup artist

March 2015                                           Press shots for DJs, Tara Brooks and Marc Kinchen (MK)

Photographer: Galen Oakes                                                                             Key hair and makeup

March 2015                                                                              Playboy Music App music video

Photographer: Galen Oakes                                                                           Key hair and makeup

November 2014                                                              Tat2 Designs Spring 2015 Campaign

Photographer: Ben Cope/Model: Katrina Hunter                                               Key Hair and Makeup

May 2014                                                                           Malibu Clothes 2014 Ad Campaign

Photography: Nils Erik and Jon Killz                      Key Makeup and Hair (male and female models)

November 2013                                                                          Simon + Krull 2014 Look book

Photographer: Kristy Mann                                                                            Key hair and makeup

November 2013                                              Tat2 designs look book for January 2014

Photographer Ben Cope                                                                              Key hair and makeup

April 2013                                                         Contorno Lingerie lookbook photoshoot

Photographer: Scott Longnecker                                                              Head Makeup Artist

April 2013                                             Simon and Schuster Shirley Jones book cover photoshoot

Photographer: Blake Little                                                                     Key Makeup/Hair for Shirley Jones

February 2013                              Press photos for David Cassidy, Micky Dolenz and Peter Noone

Photographer: Henry Diltz                                                                         Dept. head makeup/hair

December 2012                                                               Marlboro Fresh stills shoot for web

Producer: Brendan Kling/ Photographers: Jim Krantz and Ben Von Wong         Key hair and makeup

Native Pictures

December 2012                                                                  Kain Label Summer ’13 photo shoot

Producer: Elise Bader/Photographers: Stevie and Mada                                   Key makeup and hair

January 2012         Sundance show launch for "Push Girls"(Press pictures and interview with Extra)

Sundance Channel                                                   Key makeup artist working with Rachel Hoke

December 2011                                                               Ben Nye Catalog Shoot-Beauty/Fashion

Photographer: Dominick Guillemot                                             2nd makeup-asst. to Spencer Barnes

October 2011                                                                                             Human Life Photo Shoot

Photographer: Tim Saccenti/Producer: Matt Wasley                                                         Key Makeup

September 2011                                                                           Cenegenics Fitness Shoot

Photographer: George Kontaxis                                                                          Key Makeup

July 2011                                                                                       NOH8 Campaign Photo shoot

Photographer: Adam Bouska                                                        Key Makeup for Actress, Deena Dill

March 2011                                                                     Photoshoot for Eden Sassoon

Photographer: Craig Stuart Eisenberg                                                     Key Makeup and Hair

March 2011                                                                      Headshots for actor, Patrick Cassidy

Photographer: Bader Howar                                                                          Key Makeup and Hair

February 2011                                  Headshots for Actors, Daniel DeWeldon and Lillian Muller

Photographer: Maurice Rinaldi                                                                      Key Makeup and Hair

March 2010                                                                                           Wedding Day Magazine

Photographer: Ming Chien                               Key Hair and Makeup for Dolly Couture Bridal Dresses

July 2009                                                                                                       People Magazine

Photographer: Jeff Minton                                         Key Makeup/Hair- David Cassidy/Katie Cassidy

February 2009                                                                                  Test Shots for Eleni Tzimas

Photographer: Erik Asla                                                                                             Key Makeup

January 2009                                                   Lauren Moshi Look book for Spring ’08 and ‘09

Photographer: Chris Beyer                                         Key Makeup and Hair for Lauren Hall and Katie Chonacas

December 2008                                                                           Empowering Women Magazine

Photographer: Dana Fineman                                                                                                  Key Makeup

December 2008                                                      Cory Kennedy and her sisters, Elle Girl Japan

Photographer: Katsumi Hashimoto                                                                              Key Makeup

August 2008                       Shailene Woodley, Secret Life of the American Teenager Press Pictures

Photographer Mathieu Young                                                                         Key Hair and Makeup

July 2008                                                                                 Stone Rose Apparel Look book/Catalogue

Photographer Nils Erik/Stylist Renee Shmuel                                                    Key Hair and Makeup

June 2008                                                                                 Playboy Jazz Festival Magazine

Photographer Erik Lemph                                                                                           Key Stylist

January 2008                                                                            Test Shoot with Mickey Avalon

Photographer: Nikki Minton                                                                           Key Hair and Makeup

September 2007                                                    Vanity Fair Shoot with Actress Rachael Taylor

Photographer Michael Elins                                                                Assistant to Artist Jake Bailey

August 07                                                                                 Spec Shoot 4 Surface Magazine

Photographer Christina Felice                                                                                       Key Stylist

June 07                                                                                        Jessica Alba Revlon Campaign

Photographer: Ellen Von Unwerth                                                                 Assistant to Jake Bailey

February ’07                             Vanity Fair Shoot for Quentin Tarantino’s Film “Grind House”

                           Asst. to Jake Bailey doing Rose MacGowan, Rosario Dawson and Marley Shelton

Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier

September 2006                                    The Ahmanson Curtains Photo Shoot, LA , Ca.

Photographer Jon Exley                                                                                                Assistant to Karen Faye                              




 June 2017                                                                                            Valley Girl Feature Film

Director: Rachel Lee Goldenberg/UPM: Elaine Dysinger/Producers: Matt Smith, Steven Wolfe/Production: Sneak Preview Productions                      add’l makeup to dept head, Carleigh Herbert

May 2017                                                    Genesis Robotics Commercial: A Media Farm Project

Director: Amit Gupta/Creative Director: Gabrielle Allen/Producer: Justin Bell/Production: REKON Productions & Media Farm Partners                                                                                          Key Hair and Makeup

May 2017                              LEXUS Commercial “Amazing is Alchemy: Performance, Craftsmanship, Technology”

Director: Ehsan B/Producer: Grace Bodie/Exec Producers: Shelly Townsend, Jeanne Stawiarski/Production: SKUNK/Agency: Team One LA                                  Key Hair & Makeup

April 2017                                DIM MAK Records Music Video Shoot: Laidback Luke & Made in June “Paradise (feat. Bright Lights)”             

Producer/Director: Pheobe Sotomango/DP: Lance Rand                                 Key Hair and Makeup

April 2017                              Jack in the Box Commercial “3D Movie” “Skydiving” “Handball”

Director: Zach Math/Producers: Michael Sagol, Jasper Thomlinson, Casey Wooden, Brian Etting/Production: Caviar/Agency: David & Goliath                               Makeup asst to Valli O’Reilly

April 2017                                                                         Dodgeball Promo Video for Charity

Director: Rawson Thurber/Producer: Delaney Schenker/Ty Maras/OMAZE Productions

Makeup Artist for Vince Vaughn

April 2017                                                                                                                         SWAT Pilot

UPM: James Scura/Producer: Paul Bernard/Directors: Justin Lin & Alex Vegh/Production: Topanga Productions & Universal Pictures                                             Add’l makeup to Dept. Head, Dayne Johnson

March 2017                                                                                      Barrio Tiger Music video

Director: Annie Sperling/Producer: John Shoenfeld/DP: Jacob Mendel    Mu artist w/Karen McDonald

March 2017                                                                                            GLS Next 3.0 Commercial

Director: Jesse Oxford/Producer: Justin Bell with Justin Bell Prod.                          Key hair and makeup

March 2017                                                                                         KC Undercover, Episode 305

Director: Robbie Countryman/Producer: Vic Kaplan/Producer/UPM: Kevin O’Donnell/Producer: Zendaya Coleman/It’s a Laugh Productions, Inc.                                    Add’l makeup to Dept Head, Erin Guth

February 2017                                                         TNT, The Last Ship (Episodes 408 and 409)

Exec Producer: Michael Bay//Directors: Lukas Ettlin, Paul Holahan//Producers: Eric Dane, Ira Parker//UPM: Wayne Carmona//Turner North Center Prod.             add’l makeup to Karen McDonald

February 2017                                                                                              Simulac Cmmercial

Director: Don Broida/Producer: John-Michael Triana/Cheeky Monkey Pictures                 Key HMU

July 2016-December 2016                                 Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Season Two

Various directors/Producer: Ian Foster Woolf/CBS Studios     add’l makeup to dept head, Ben Robin

November 2016                                                                      TNT tv show, The Last Ship

Exec Producer: Michael Bay/Directors: Paul Holahan and Reza Tabrizi/Producer: Wayne Carmona/Turner North Center Productions, Inc.                  additional makeup to Karen McDonald

November 2016                                                                                   2016 Breeders Cup

NBC Sports                                      Makeup and hair for all sportcasters, announcers and jockeys

October 2016                               Feature film: A Little Something For Your Birthday (Starring Sharon Stone, Tony Goldwyn, and Ellen Burstyn)

Director: Susan Walter/Producers: Rob Carliner, Eric Brenner, Gary Preisler, Matthew Brady/Line Producer: Michel Rangel Hendrick/UPM: Nicole Colombie/Prod. Company: MRB Production

***Key Makeup Artist working with Dept. head: Leah Vautrot

September 2016               Pop Sugar Dressbarn-PopDoc #2-Courtney Jones (web spot)  

Senior Producer: Andrea Rothstein/Director: Cassie Brooksbank/DP: Carmen Emmi/Prod. Manager: Rikki Hirschowitz                          Hair + makeup artist for Courtney Jones and Taryn Hemmings (pro soccer players/founders of Sweat Cosmetics)       

September 2016                                                                                     AARP commercial

Director/DP: Carolyn Chen/Producer: Carmen Bosley/Exec. Producer: Pam Tarr/Prod. Company: CMS Productions/Agency: DAE                                                        Hair and Makeup Dept. head

August 2016-December 2016                                                        ABC show, Notorious

Producer: Jean Higgins/Prod. Company: Topanga Productions, Inc/UPM: Dustin Bernard/Director: Michael Engler and various directors                    Add’l makeup artist to dept. head, Lisa Layman

August 2016                                                      The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe

Creative director: Courtney Powell/Line producer: Lena Bubenechik/Red carpet producer: T.J. Shanks/DP: Chris Darnell

Makeup artist for multiple red carpet hosts, including Brian Moses

August 2016                                                               Florastor Packaging II commercial

Client: Biocodex/Producer: Rivkah Beth Medow/Prod. Company: Carleson Production Group/ Photographer: Kimberly Genevieve                                                       Dept. head hair + makeup

August 2016                                                                      Charter Spectrum commercial

Director: Don Broida/Producer: Daniela Huml/Prod. Company: Spears and Arrows

Dept. head makeup

July 2016-December 2016                     Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Season Two

Various directors/Producer: Ian Foster Woolf/CBS Studios     add’l makeup to dept head, Ben Robin

June 2016                                                                               HASBRO toys commercial

Producer: Daniela Huml with Cheeky Monkey Films/Director: Don Broida     Dept. head hair / m/u

June 2016                                                                                           Gillette Commercial

Producer: Justin Bell/Director:Gregg Helvey                                      Dept. head hair and makeup

June 2016       Interview w/real estate mogul, Myra Reinhard for web show, Forward

Interviewed by TCM Host, Ben Mankiewicz                                                           Key hair and makeup

June 2016                        Santa Clarita Diet with Drew Barrymore and Tim Olyphant

Director: Ruben Fleischer/Producer: Jimmy Simons/Netflix                    add’l makeup to Perri Sorel

May 2016                                                                                               Young and Hungry

Director: Andy Cadiff // ABC FAMILY                 add’l makeup for Farah Bunch and Sarah Woolf

April 2016-August 2016                                                 Good Girls Revolt Season One

Producer: Roee Sharon Peled/Director: Scott Winant/AMAZON PRIME     add’l makeup for dept head, Felice Diamond, working under Ben Robin and Kevin Westmore, Laverne Caracuzzi, and Amy Sparks

February 2016     Interview with Andy Cohen, CEO of architecture firm, Gensler, for web show, Forward

Interviewed by TCM Host, Ben Mankiewicz                                                           Key hair and makeup

February 2016                                           GEXA Energy Commercial “Empowerment”

Producer: TJ Sakasegawa/Director: Bradley Kettlety                                      Key makeup and hair

February 2016                                                  Time Traveling Bong Mini-series (Comedy Central)

Director: Lucia Aniello/Producers: Jake Cassidy, Robert West, Paul W. Downs, Llana Glazer

Additional makeup to Kathleen Freeman

February 2016                                                                           Credit Karma commercial

Director: Sam Jones with Harvest Films/Producer: Carmen Bosley                  Key hair and makeup

February 2016                                                       GLS Next and LifePlan commercials

Producer: Justin Bell/Director: Jesse Oxford                                               Key hair and makeup

August 2015-December 2015                  Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Season One

Director: Colin Bucksey/Producer: Ian Foster Woolf/ABC Studios          add’l makeup to Ben Robin covering Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna and additional cast

January 2016                                                                              Super Bowl commercial

Director: Ken Wales/Producer: Robert Dalrymple                           Makeup for Cedric the Entertainer

December 2015             Interview with Oakland A’s owner, Lew Wolff, for web show, Forward

Interviewed by TCM Host, Ben Mankiewicz                                                            Key hair and makeup

December 2015                                                                            Nationwide Commercial

Director: Ruben Fleischer/Producer: Bernard Rahill  with Caviar                                        2nd makeup  December 2015                                                   Shaun White’s On Air + Style pilot

Director: Bradley Scott/Producers: Andrew Troy and Dave Finger                   MU/Hair for Simon Rex

November 2015                                                                                 Life In Pieces Sitcom

Production: CBS//Director: Helen Hunt                  2nd makeup artist (day checking for Julie Kristy)

October 2015                            Fuller House sitcom – Episode 11 (Full House spinoff)

Production: Netflix                                                   3rd makeup artist (day checking for Farah Bunch)

October 2015                   Dancing with the Stars/ELLE women in Hollywood event

Producer: ABC/BBC Productions/CBS Studios                            Makeup artist for Julianne Hough

September 2015                                                    The URB-E Experience Commercial

Producer: Justin Bell with REKON productions/Director: Quyen Tran                 Key makeup/hair

July 2015                                                                                     McDonalds Commercial

Director: Maxi Blanco/Producer: Sal Tassone/Prod. Co. Feliz LA          additional makeup for Nicole Hawkyard

June 2015                                                                                           So Me TV Pilot-FOX

Director: Gene Bernard/Executive Producer: Lisa Kridos/Line Producer: Jennie Yamaki with Pop Sugar Studios                                                                             Hair and Makeup artist

June 2015                      Curacao/Samsung/LG Commercial-Samsung Activewash & LG UHD TV

Prod. Co.: ONAC Pictures, Director: Jorge Cano, Producer: Nathan D. Snyder            Key hair/mu

May 2015                                                                         California Psychics Commercial

Director: Carolyn Chen/Producer: Carmen Bosley                                        Key makeup and hair

Production Co.: Production for the People//Agency: Kovel/Fuller//Client: Outlook Amusements

2013-Present                                                                          Pop Sugar Online Content

Various Directors and Producers                                                                      Key makeup/hair

March 2015                                                                                       Nissan Commercial

Director: Ehsan Bhatti/Producer: Carmen Bosley with Ghost Office Productions        Key hair and makeup

February 2015                                                                               2015 Academy Awards

Eurovision                                                     Key makeup on the red carpet for hosts and presenters

February 2015                                                                      Fantastic Sams commercial

Director: Don Broida/Producer: Rocky Bice/Prod. Co. Belljar, LLC/Agency: O’Leary + PARTNERS

Key makeup artist

January 2015                                          Super Bowl Feature-Super Bowl Fan Club Interview

Producer: David Picker/DP: John Tipton/Camera: Josh Smith//NBC Sports Group       Key hair and makeup

January 2015                                                                              McDonalds Commercial (France)

Producer: Carmen Bosley//Prod. Co. Double Entente Films                                 Key makeup and hair

December 2014                                                              “Faking It” MTV comedy series

Directors: Jamie Travis and Erin Ehrlich/Producer: Nellie Nugiel/Exec. Producer: Carter Covington

3rd makeup artist to dept head, Julie Kristy

December 2014                                                                                Clinique Commercial

Producer: Anna Joseph/Prod. Co.: Supply and Demand/Director: Margo Weathers                         Makeup Artist assisting Jun Funahashi

November 2014                                                                         CBS “The Millers” Sitcom

CBS Productions//Creator: Greg Garcia//Director: James Burrows              add’l makeup artist to Patty Bunch

November 2014                                                                               Samsung Commercial

Producer: Jake Cassidy with Native Pictures                                              Key Hair and Makeup

November 2014                                                              Vivo Cell Phone Commercial

Producer: TJ Sakasegawa and Rhoades Rader with Dilated Pixels/Director: Justin Mitchell            

Key Hair and Makeup                                      

October 2014                                                                                       2014 Breeders Cup

NBC Sports                                                                      Makeup and hair for all sportcasters

October 2014                   Money Where Your Mouth Is with Jay Mohr (Season Two)

Producer: Tyler Condon with Fantail Entertainment/Director: Erik Wong          Key Makeup and Hair

September 2012-present                                             Various spots for

Pop Sugar Studios                                                                            Key Makeup and Hair

September 2014                                                                      CBS “The Millers” Sitcom

CBS Productions//Creator: Greg Garcia//Director: James Burrows              add’l makeup artist to Patty Bunch

August 2014                                                                           “Bottoms Up” Commercial

Paulilu Productions/Director and Producer: Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs/Producer: Jake Cassidy

Key Makeup and Hair

July 2014                                                                         Resident Advisors Hulu Sitcom

Director: Ira Ungerleider/Line Producer: Danny Harris/Exec Producer: Elizabeth Banks

2nd Makeup to Elaine Thomas for entire series

June 2014                                                                                    “Samsung Global” Pitch

Director: Brandon kusher and Producer: Anthony Rullo with WE ARE FAMOUS PRODUCTIONS

Dept. Head Hair and Makeup

June 2014                                 “Hysteria” Pilot for Amazon and Universal Television, LLC

Director: Otto Bathurst/UPM: Susan Kirr/Producer: Karyn McCarthy                    3rd Makeup Artist

June 2014                                                             “Mystery Girls” Season 1 (1 Episode)

ABC Family                                                                       3rd Makeup Artist for Brandy Sharp

May 2014                       People for the American Way and Spirit of Liberty Awards

Hope Erickson-Producer with Jupiter Ambrosia Productions                            Dept. Head Makeup and Hair

May 2014                                                                                       Reconnection short film

Director: Ryan McGarry, Producer: Molly Tait, Production: C-Booth LLC

Dept. Head Hair and Makeup

April 2014                              Steve Aoki album cover photo shoot and press photos

Producer: Sophie McNeil with Deckstar//Record company, Ultra Records//Photographer: Brian Ziff//Creative Director: Brian Roettinger                                                                                          Key Hair and Makeup

March 2014                                                                                       Nesquik Commercial

Fantail Productions//Director & Prod: Erik Wong/Producer: Tyler Condon           Dept. Head Hair and M/U

March 2014                                                    Television Academy Hall of Fame Awards

Crazy TV Productions//Exec. Producer: Phil Gurin/Producer: Gerry Santos/Director: Lizz Zanin

2nd Makeup to Dept. Head Makeup, David Abbott

February 2014                                                                 The Cursed Man Feature film

Director/Producer: James L. Perry                                   Dept. Head Makeup, Hair and Special FX

February 2014                                                               The Sphere and the Labyrinth feature

Prod. Co.: Carceri D’Invenzione LLC, Director: Michael Moore, Producer: Aya Nakano

Asst. H/MU Makeup

January 2014                                                                                  Centrum Commercial

Native Pictures; Producer: Rocky Bice, Director: Tom Dey//Client: Pfizer        Key makeup and hair

November 2013               R3HAB, NERVO & UMMET OZCAN: REVOLUTION music video

Jaakko Manninen and Hannu Aukia with Beats and Styles productions                             Key makeup

November 2013                                                               NBC Broadcast Breeders Cup

NBC productions   Makeup artist for 12 news reporters covering The Breeders Cup at Santa Anita racetrack

October 2013                Money Where Your Mouth Is game show hosted by Jay Mohr (Season 1)

Fantail Productions                                                                                   Key Makeup and Hair

September 2013                                                                    Commercial

Director: Chris Nelson/Producer: Brendan Kling (Native Pictures)                   Key hair and makeup

September 2013             Borgore, Waka Flocka Flame and Paige Young Music Video with cameo by Steve Aoki

Director/Producer: WATTS                                                   Key Hair and Makeup for all artists

August 2013                                                                                            HOME Short film

Director: John Henry Hinkel/Producer: Jonathan Bird, Zoe Morrison and Amit Samuel with Superstes LLC and NVSBL Film                                                                          Key hair and makeup

August 2013                                                                    Mattel Flying Car commercial   

Director: Jenna Capozzi/Producer: Amandah Cochrane                                        Key makeup artist

July/August 2013                   Just Before I Go Feature film starring Seann William Scott, Olivia Thirlby, David Arquette, Kate Walsh, Diane Ladd and Missi Pyle

Director: Courteney Cox with Coco LLC/Producer: Tara L. Craig                    Dept. Head Makeup

June 2013                                              Gillette Commercial and Instructional videos

Director: Sean Womack/Producer: Justin Bell/Production Co: TouchStorm 

Key makeup/hair/male grooming

May 2013                                                             Street Low Magazine Sizzle TV shoot

Evenflow Entertainment/Director: KJ Downes/Producer: John Boggs                      Makeup and Hair

May 2013                              Shirley Jones TV Interview Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts

Producer and Host: Michael Niro                                                            Makeup Artist for Shirley Jones

April 2013                  Money Where Your Mouth Is Game show Pilot with Jay Mohr

Director: Lowell Mate/Producers: Tyler Condon, Erik Wong, Andrew Egiziano                                  

Dept. head makeup/hair

April 2013                                                                                   Water Lady short film

Producer: Carmen Bosley with Iron Claw/Director: Sean Koriakin                Key hair and makeup

April 2013                                             Bob Costas NBC Interview with Gary Stevens

DP: Samson Chan/Director: Fritz Mitchell               Key Makeup for Bob Costas and Gary Stevens

April 2013       “Pubic Lice” Aimee Mann PSA for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Producer/Director: Lucia Aniello with Paulilu Productions               Key hair and makeup for Aimee Mann

March 2013                                                                 LifeHouse Branding Commercial

Producer: Michael Cox/Directors: Cliff Rose and Tracy Clark           Key hair and makeup for Shirley Jones

March 2013                                                                            The Day We Met short film

Producers: Rhoades Rader and TJ Sakasegawa with Dilated Pixels Prod. Co./Director: Jeff Balis

Key makeup and hair

March 2013                                                                                        AXE commercial

Producers: Carmen Bosley and Mark Mahoney/Director: Don Broida                Key hair and makeup

February 2013                                                                                  Dreamweaver pilot

Producers: Rene Ashton, Brad Isa, Corbin Timbrook/Director: Bryan Stratte      Key hair/makeup

January 2013                                                                         Holy Grail music video

Producer: Tyler Condon/Director: Dave Vorhes                                                 Key makeup

January 2013                                                                              Oil of Olay commercial

Produer: Mark Mahoney and Director: Don Broida                                     Key hair and makeup

December 2012                                                                                   ASSN Short film

Producer: Nathan D. Snyder(Triple d productions)/Director: Michael Moeh            Key hair and makeup

December 2012                       Jamison Advertising Group Income Plus 6 Video shoot

Producers: Warren and Julie Cook                                                             Key hair and makeup

November 2012                                                                                  Revenant Short film

Producer/Director: Zack Shada with Evelan pictures                                      Key hair and makeup

November 2012                                       Chalk Preschool web content for education

Producers: Jenna Capozzi and Amandah Reyne/Director: Tristan Whitman               Key makeup

November 2012                                     Marlboro Advertisement, Wide Open Flavor

Producer; Sean Blair/Exec. Producer: Tomer Devito (Native Pictures)/Prod. Co: Local Pictures/Agency: Leo Burnett USA/Client: Phillip Morris USA/Director: Alex Korp

Key hair and makeup

November 2012                                                                   U.S. Cellular Commercial

Director: Matt Dilmore/Producer: Caleb Omens with Epoch Films/Client: U.S. Cellular/Agency: Mullen

Assistant Makeup to Rachel Hoke

October 2012                                                                          Short film, Pamphlet Man

Producer/Director: Jonathan Moore with Thirty Three Films                          Key hair and makeup

October 2012                                                         Honda Express Service Commercial

Producer: Mike Greene and Spring Valley Productions/Redband Pictures//Director: Mark Bella

Key hair and makeup

October 2012                                      Spec commercial for I cant believe its not butter

Producer/Director: Don Broida                                                                     Key hair and makeup

September 2012                                     Emmy Speech Master Class with Parker Posey

Paulilu Productions/Director and Producer: Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs/Producer: Jake Cassidy

Key Makeup and Hair

September 2012                                                                 Short film titled, Switchboard

Producer: Anthony Rullo/Director: Don Broida                                           Key hair and makeup

August 2012                           Spec commercials for Bounty and Swanson Producer/Director: Don Broida                                                                      Key hair and makeup

June and July 2012                Chalk Preschool "Music Video" Web content for education

Producer: Jenna Capozzi and Director: Tristan Whitman                                             Key makeup

June 2012                                                                                          Sprite Commercial

Hungry Man Productions/Director: Wayne McClammy/Producer: Caleb Dewart             2nd makeup to Rachel Hoke

May 2012                    Chalk Preschool "Dailie Teachers" Web content for education

Producer: Jenna Capozzi and Director: Tristan Whitman                                             Key makeup

May 2012            Ellen Degeneres show with Angela Rockwood and Mia Schaikewitz from Sundance show, "Push Girls"                                            2nd makeup to Rachel Hoke

May 2012                                                        Riding the Whale teaser for feature film

Producer: Daniel DeWeldon and Director: Brian J. Kronenberg           Dept head hair and makeup

April 2012                                                                                         Illiterate Lit Agent

Paulilu Productions/Director and Producer: Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs/Producer: Jake Cassidy

Key makeup and hair

March 2012                                        Craft Wars Season One hosted by Tori Spelling

TLC Channel/DP: Ryan Jordan/Producers: Lindsay Wilkinson and Leigh Broadbent

Key makeup artist for judges

March 2012                                                                                     113 degrees short film

Director: Sabrina Doyle/DP: Stephen Paar/Producer: Matilde Barbagallo with AFI            

Dept head makeup/hair

November 2011                                                         Apple Commercial for new I Touch

Director: Mark Romanek/Producer: Scott Kaplan/Prod. Co: Anonymous Content/Agency: MAL-Media Arts Lab                                                          2nd Makeup to Key Artist, Rachel Hoke

October 2011                                                                   Issachar Charity Promo Video

Director: Jesse Oxford/Producer: Justin Bell                                               Key Hair and Makeup

October 2011                                           America's Next Top Model Music Video Shoot

Lead Director: Tony Croll/Creative Director: Andrew Patterson with Creative Style Kingdom/Executive Producers: Ken Mok and Laura Fuest with America's Next Top Model/Client: Anisa Productions

Assistant to Makeup artist, Spencer Barnes (Solo Artists)

October 2011                                                                     "Hearts Gamble" Short Film

Director: Jerry Digby/Executive Producer: Courtney Carter/DP: Andy Lemon          

Key Makeup for all actors including Ser'darius Blain and Enisha Brewster (Both from Footloose)

January 2011-September 2011                                  Fuel TV Fuel Girl 1 Video Promos

FMRL Media Producer/Director: Chris Chambers                  Key Makeup and hair for host, Colleen Prietz

July 2011-September 2012    Fox Sports Flash Highlights with Chelsea Cannell and Jill Arrington and Heather Hennessey

Producer/Director: Christian Andersen//Prod. Co. Fox Sports Online                            Key Makeup

September 2011                                                               My DLINK Testimonial Shoot

24P/Product Channels-Prod. Co.//Haylee Homs-Producer//Brent Loefke-Director              

Key Makeup

August 2011                                                           Anthem Blue Cross Web Banner Ads

Henry LA Productions; Producer: Enrique Aguirre//Starla Terell with Deutsch LA Agency/DP: Martin Moody                                                                                 Key Makeup and Hair

August 2011                                     The College Experiment "Hot Girls" Promo Shoot

Producer: Wilfredo Garcia/Fox Sports and Fuel TV                                                Key Makeup

July 2011                                                                           HP TouchSmart Video Shoot

Production Co: Transparent House/DP: Sergey Kozlov/Line Producer: Krista Mollion/Agency: Polychrome                                                                              Key Makeup and Hair

July 2011   Actors Anonymous Pilot (Lorenzo Lamas, Deena Dill, Sean Young, Rebecca DeMornay)

Director: Bryan Stratte/ Prod. Co. Abundant Media                                      Key Hair and Makeup

June 2011                                                                                          Orbitz Commercial

Director: Mike Maguire/Prod. Co. The Directors Bureau/Producer: Emily Skinner                                                

2nd Makeup to Rachel Hoke

June 2011                                                                Extra Interview with Shaun Cassidy

Extra TV/Telepictures Production                                                                            Key Makeup

May 2011                                                                                            HTC Commercial

Dir: David Frankham/Prod: Youree Henley/Smuggler Productions                                 2nd Makeup

May 2011                                                             Promotional Trailer for Feature film

Director: Tom Oesch           Dept Head Makeup and hair for Aimee Teegarden and supporting actors

March 2011                                                                                       Target Commercial

Director: Wayne McClammy/Hungry Man Productions/Producer: Nate Young                                               2nd Makeup

February 2011         "Wake up Call" Music Video for Steve Aoki with Michelle Rodriguez and Clifton Collins Jr.

Director: Jason Beattie/Producer: Ramble West Productions                                           Key Makeup

February 2011                                                                               2011 Academy Awards

See Saw Films                                                      Key Makeup for Producers of The Kings Speech

February 2011                                                                     Hal Valentine Webmmercial

Tri Gold Films/Producer: Dugan O’Neal                   Makeup Artist for 4 Models for Hair Stylist, Hal Valentine

January 2011                                                                              Milf Money Short Film   

Abundant Media/Producer: Rene Ashton/Director: Aaron Priest                   Dept. Head Key Makeup    

December 2010                                               2011 Introduce Miss Golden Globe Event

Hollywood Foreign Press and InStyle                                          Makeup for Katie Cassidy

December 2010                                                                                   Son Of Efron Short

Rekon Productions/Prod. Jon Kondrath                                                       Key Hair and Makeup

October 2010                                                                             Form Toyota Commercial

FORM Productions Dir. Jesse Dylan                      Key Makeup for Shirley Jones and David Cassidy

October 2010                                                              LIV OUT LOUD Nickelodeon Pilot

One Bratt Kid Productions and Tarnol Group Dir. Robert Fox                    Key Hair and Makeup

September 2010                                                                 Music Video for Azzuro Milan

AZ Productions                                         Male Grooming and Key Makeup for All Female Models

September 2010                                                  In Style with ABC; Hosting Chelsea Cannell

Disney/ABC Digital Media Productions                                                                    Key Makeup

June 2010              Mike Posner-PR for “Cooler Than Me” and National Tour-MTV Interview

MTV Productions                                                                           Male Grooming and Makeup

June 2010                                                                   Nike Red Campaign Commercial

Caviar Productions/Director: Omri Cohen/Producer: Eri Noguchi              Key Hair and Makeup

June 2010                                                                          Spec Commercial for BarTule

Director: Tyler Spindel/MakeandModel Productions                                                     Key Makeup

May 2010                     OREO Desperate Debate: Ep 6 (Desperate Housewives) with Chelsea Cannell and Blair Madison Late

ABC.COM Video Productions                                                                                 Key Makeup

April 2010                                                                                     Candy Girls Webseries

Director: John Freund/Rekon Productions/Prod: Jon Kondrath                    Key Hair and Makeup

March 2010                                                                               Fortune 500 Feature Film

Director: Andrew Miles/Producer: Brian J Kronenberg—Miles Fortune LLC           

Dept Head Makeup and Hair

November 2009                                                                                    A$A Music Video

Director: Ana Lily Amirpour                                                                   Hair and Makeup for Asa

July 2009                                                 TV Broadcast Tour-Local Stations Across US

HD Vision Productions                          Actors David Cassidy (Hair/Makeup) and Alexa Vega

July 2009                                                                                          Jimmy Kimmel Live

ABC                                                                                  Hair and Makeup for David Cassidy

July 2009                                                                                            Regis and Kelly Live

ABC                                                                                  Hair and Makeup for David Cassidy

July 2009                                                                                     Good Morning America

ABC                                                        Hair and Makeup for David, Shaun and Patrick Cassidy

March 2009                                                The Ascent Independent Feature, 2nd Makeup

Director: Lee Friedlander                                                 The Devils Film Movie LLC Ranch Studios

February 2009                                               SoN2u Music Video and “Virgin” Music Video, Key Makeup

Director: Dave Lopera                                                                               Singer: Katie Chonacas

December 2008                                             Silent Shadow Music Video, Key Makeup and Hair

Director: Brad Winderbaum                                                                        Singer: Kristian Luc

December 2008                Hazcom Real Accidents Real Stories Industrial, Key FX Makeup-Burn Simulation

Director: Chad Young                                                         Production Co: Wumbus Corporation

October 2008                                                                   Anabelle LMU Film, Key Makeup

Director: Michael Leong

September 2008                                              Lose Yourself Music Video, Key Make-up

Director: Steve Berkowitz

July 2008                                       Rockpoint Independent Film, Assistant Makeup/Hair

Director: Dyonisius Zervos/Ethos Cinema and Eternal Productions

June 2008                                    Mr. Henry Adams Independent Film, Key Makeup/Hair

Director: Erik Donley/USC Productions

October 2007                             BMW Commercial-Aero Films-Asst. to Randi Mavestrand

Director: Klaus Obyermeyer, Brett Jones and Henrik Hanson//Company: Aero Films//Producer: Lance O Connor and Scott Rice

August 07-January ‘08                             Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen-Set Makeup

January ’07      Italian Cell Phone Advertisement- Asst. to Jake Bailey doing Paris Hilton

January ‘07                                                 Elysian Pictures Student Film-Key Stylist

December ’06             Public Service Announcement for TBS-Assisted Artist Karen Faye

November ’06        Billy Blanks Tae Bo Infomercial-Assisted Karen Faye doing Kelly Packard



March 2012               Concept LA Runway shows and Installations at the Ace gallery

Contact: Mike Vensel                                                                   Key makeup artist for entire show

January 2012             Schwarzkopf Professional hair fashion show for distributors at Exchange LA and the W hotel in hollywood

Contact: Traci Cox                                                                           Key makeup for 15 models

February 2010                  ISSE Hair and Beauty and Hair Convention in Long Beach

                                                       Key Makeup Artist for the Vidal Sassoon Hair Trends Show

April 2009   Hanoolim @ UCLA Presents Beloved Upon A Time, An Original Musical                                                                                   Key Makeup for 13 Lead Characters

January 2008                                                 Vogue Fashion Show Assisting Paul Starr

October 2007               Fashion Week LA-Smashbox Studios-Petro Zillia Show-Key Stylist

December 2006                          Rockin in LA Fashion Show, Los Angeles-Key Hair/Stylist

March 07                                                   Ethos Fashion Show, Avalon Hollywood-Key Makeup


*Petro Zillia Show at Smashbox during Fashion Awards

*LA Fashion Awards at Orpheum Theatre

*Ted Baker Show @ Divine Design Event

*Pussycat Dolls Show At Smashbox Studios for LA Fashion Week Spring ‘08

*LA Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios-Elmer Ave show, Nonja Mckenzi Show



August 2005-Present    Freelance Make-up Artist for Eden Sassoon, David Cassidy, Katie Cassidy, Patrick Cassidy, Smashbox and Bobbi Brown, Los Angeles, Ca.



Make-up Designory, Burbank, California            Graduated

Journeyman Make-Up Artistry, Studio Hairstyling and Airbrush

UCLA, Los Angeles , Ca.        2000-2005               Bachelor of Fine Arts



Beauty Makeup, Airbrush, FX makeup, Injuries, Character Makeup, Male Grooming, Hair, Airbrush body tanning, beards, bald caps, prosthetics, faux lash application, Fake Tattoo Application and Tattoo Cover